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Various insect species exhibit a wide array of shapes and sizes when it comes to stinging pests. Although they share the common feature of possessing a stinger, the body structures, colors, and legs differ significantly among these pests, including bees, hornets, wasps, and even scorpions. Dealing with these pests can pose challenges for both you and your home, and effectively managing them starts with precise identification.

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How do I get rid of stinging pests?

When confronted with a stinging pest nest on your premises, the safe and thorough removal of it can prove challenging. It is crucial to consult a specialist in the identification of stinging insects to determine the most effective treatment approach. Multipest offers inspection services and devises tailored action plans to assist in eradicating your stinging pest problem. With over 160 hours of training in their initial year alone, Multipest professionals possess extensive expertise in classifying various types of stinging insects.

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You can maintain your home or workplace free from unwanted creatures. That’s why we come to your property, conduct a thorough evaluation, and determine where and how the bugs are gaining entry. Using this information, we create a plan to prevent further incursions from cockroaches, ants, rodents, termites, and more.

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